What is an API?

API stands for ‘application programming interface’.

More specifically, an API is a software development that allows two software programs to understand each other. It is a sort of modern ‘interpreter’.

This software development is very important because it facilitates the user experience, but also secures transactions and makes applications or objects run more smoothly.

APIs allow developers to focus on the functioning of their product and when they need to communicate with other software, they use the available APIs.

Iagona has developed a number of APIs described below that will allow a third-party publisher to communicate with our terminals or other solutions:

APIs developed by Iagona

Payment API

The Iagona payment API integrates all payment methods:

  • CB/Connex/Amex
  • Contactless
  • Cash
  • QR Code (Wechat/AliPay)
  • Smartphone (google pay & Apple Pay)
  • CTAP (Benelux) / SIBS (Portugal)

Health API

The Iagona health API lets you:

  • Read a social security card
  • Print medical bills, labels and barcodes
  • Scan documents required for admission (health insurance card and identity papers etc.).

Hotel API

Iagona’s hotel API makes it easier to:

  • Read identity cards
  • Distribute NFC badges
  • Print QR codes
  • Manage deposits

Monitoring API

Iagona’s monitoring API enables native integration with :

  • Scrutis or any other monitoring tool to report on the operating status of devices
  • Maintenance and operation applications for ATM fleets





  • Simplify communication between an interface and a payment terminal
  • Secure data exchanges
  • Integrate new payment methods (e.g. payment by QR code)
  • No need to change hardware (e.g. your printer). The API takes care of establishing the connection with new hardware, the Plug & Play is real.
  • Facilitate regulatory changes (e.g. increase in a maximum contactless payment amount)
  • Thanks to a simulated mode, the publisher can test and develop their application without their hardware.

Business applications

A business application is a specific IT development designed to simplify tasks and automate payment, registration or user management processes.

Organisations can purchase an off-the-shelf application or choose to develop a customised business application. The advantage of a business application is that it will be exactly what is needed because it offers a more ergonomic and intuitive user experience, the aim being to improve the profitability and productivity of a department.

Iagona’s developers are experienced in developing specific business applications for the specific needs of its customers.

The configurations are very specific and often require interfacing with ERP (enterprise resource planning) or other software. Iagona has already interfaced with Aareon, Sopra Steria, PASHAS and CgaWeb among others.

We supply comprehensive and customisable applications and offer partial, advance or full payment plans. Our applications guarantee data exchange protocols and secure transactions.

Our graphic designers will animate and embellish your menus while respecting your graphic and ergonomic constraints.

Iagona has developed business applications that allow you to pay the following items by cash, credit card and cheque on our terminals:


  • Energy bills
  • Rent
  • Mobile phone payments (Orange and SFR in French overseas departments and territories)
  • Canal+ (TV) subscriptions
  • Excess baggage on Air France/KLM flights

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