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Boost your communication

Businesses have now fully entered the age of digital technology. Iagona is one of the domain’s leading pioneers, producing innovative technological solutions able to meet the needs of the most demanding businesses of all types, sectors and sizes. Have you taken the plunge?

More agile communication

Digital dynamic displays are a powerful communication vector. They do not only optimise the image that your company presents to its external targets (clients, partners, visitors) they also, and more importantly, affect the image you present to your internal targets: your employees.

Improve reception procedures and communications with dynamic displays

First impressions count, this is why the first contact is so important. Implementing a strategy involving tools that will improve visitor reception procedures at your premises will be a major advantage.

A business outwardly displays the excellence of its standing through how its reception halls, waiting rooms or meeting rooms are decorated and presented.

And in the same way, presenting engaging and personalised content will help visitors to feel at home before a job interview or a meeting with a sales representative.

Internal communication: move on up to dynamic displays

Our dynamic display supports add visibility and depth to your external and internal communications, they will become an essential part of your company’s day-to-day life.

  • Display key company information
  • Develop team cohesion
  • Encourage exchanges between departments
  • Bring all of your staff together through collective events and shared values

Keep your staff informed

With engaging internal communications you will be able to strengthen your contact with your employees. A dynamic display support is both flexible and reactive, so it is easy to update in real-time via our intuitive content management interface. It will encourage transparency and information sharing. They can be used to display official notices, upcoming events, information from employee reps, future projects and business sector news.

Use the latest technology

With dynamic displays you can display photo and video content, quizzes and social media feeds…
Telling everyone about a new arrival or your business’ upcoming internal events, etc. has never been so easy…

Simplify everyday life inside your business

Dynamic displays can be used in rest-rooms, corridors or factory floors to display real-time production, business, sales performance, traffic, weather, delivery vehicle availability data… They can be used as signs to help employees find their way around, reserve meeting rooms, arrange concierge services… the possibilities are endless…

The functions of our dynamic display software best suited for communication

An excellent dynamic display software suite which has been developed and maintained by Iagona’s R&D office for over 15 years.
Neoscreen is both flexible and powerful, it has an intuitive interface which can be operated via any Internet browser, it functions with all types of dynamic display products: single or networked screens, totems and interactive terminals.


To create and display your whole multimedia content,
however and wherever you like !


To guide your visitors
from interactive kiosks


Visitor reception and concierge service !


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Neobox professional dynamic display solutions for one or more screens

Neobox is a genuine professional dynamic display solution, it is essentially an industrial PC computer capable of managing one or more screens. They are available in a number of different versions designed to suit the needs of our clients.