The most effective solution
on the market

The S10 can process bundle of cheque deposits up to 50 at a time in 90 seconds with 5 guaranteed control points.

It can store up to 1,000 cheques.

An innovative service
that is reassuring for customers

This digital solution provides your customers with the means to securely deposit individual or multiple cheques which will be rapidly credited to their accounts.

The deposit procedure is intuitive which will ensure that customers get used to it very quickly.

The advantages of the IAGONA digital solution

  • 30 years of reliability in digital cheque deposit solutions
  • Reduce the cost and processing time spent on cheques inside the branch
  • Allow your advisers to spend valuable time on customer relations by digitalising
  • low-value operations
  • Reduce the Un-Balanced Deposit rate and save money on videocoding
  • Adopt an eco-friendly approach by getting rid of printed slips and envelopes
  • Provide 24 hour service to even out the flow of transactions
  • The Bank mode interface allows you to get rid of your back-office scanner

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