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Cheque Deposit Software

ARChe (the French abbreviation for ‘cheque deposit application’) is a software package developed by Iagona for its self-service cheque deposit machines. The main function of ARChe is to allow bank customers to deposit their cheques easily without having to fill in a deposit slip. Once the customer has deposited the cheque, they receive a receipt with details of the cheque deposited.

Thanks to our software, the recipient’s account is credited within two hours, which is an undeniable advantage.


Configurable identifications

Our ARChe software gives banks a great deal of freedom in the identification settings and the compulsory information to be entered in the interface:

  • Identification by bank card/account number/QR code
  • Entry of the total amount/number of cheques
  • For business deposits (remittance number/batch number/CMC7 font etc.)

Management of amounts

ARChe makes it easy to manage any situation encountered when scanning deposited cheques, whether we’re dealing with a single cheque or a bundle:

  • The amount on the cheque is automatically proposed to the depositor for approval or correction
  • The absence of compulsory information such as a signature or endorsement is automatically detected and the cheque is rejected for correction
  • Banks can decide on the maximum amounts accepted on terminals in order to ensure specific treatment

Security settings

ARChe secures the use of the machine:

  • If the customer is inactive for a certain period of time, the current deposit activity is ended and the cheque concerned is rejected
  • If the cheque does not meet the requirements defined by the bank, it is rejected (lack of signature or endorsement etc.)
  • If different authentication methods are available, they will be offered to the depositor (entering their account number or inserting a bank card)

Bank mode

A specific ARChe development allows banks to use cheque deposit machines to:

  • Eliminate the need for a back office scanner and achieve full acquisition of cheques received during the day
  • Manage batches: the application generates virtual slips for a set of cheques deposited by the customer to their account during the same transaction and the summary data relating to this deposit.

Benefits of ARChe

  • The acquisition of single or bundled cheques according to the bank’s needs and the type of flows or customers (private/business)
  • Integration of all remote collection agents on the market
  • Integration of AI (artificial intelligence) with its cursive character recognition engine
  • Manage misplaced deposits
  • Reject cheques in error without interrupting the reading of the bundle
  • Collect and store forgotten cheques in the reject bin
  • Print a receipt or a copy of the cheques. The receipt can contain the data of the depositing of one or more cheques.
  • Numerous dynamic animations and sound signals to assist the customer during the cheque depositing process and to alert them if they have forgotten their bank card or other documents in the machine.
  • The keypads (account number, general bank details and amount) are dynamic to better guide the user: the keys are activated and deactivated according to the situation.
  • Display of reading errors: depending on the error, different screens explain the problem to the user (e.g. upside down cheque, abnormal document size, jamming, wrong document, cheque in euros only etc.).
  • Immediate digitisation of the cheque to stop documents getting lost at each stage of the process.

Optimised monitoring

Iagona has provided its customers with a remote monitoring tool, ScritusWeb, that allows them to control, monitor and therefore secure their ATM fleets in real time. A remote monitoring agent is assigned to all Iagona ATMs so that customer service is pro-active, to check that they are working properly and to prevent malfunctions. Any software or hardware issues are immediately reported and corrective action is taken.

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