Commerce & Administration

Touch panel

Boost your communication

The solution to support your digital transformation

The Touch panel (also called a touch kiosk or large format kiosk) brings you attractiveness and visibility to your prospects, customers or employees. It thus helps you to qualify your customers’ demand and boost your commercial relationship. Optimizing your customer care improves your brand image and streamlines your queues.

Energize your communication

Thanks to the supervision interface, the touch panel can broadcast targeted marketing messages and give you access to attendance data in order to optimize your reception and service. The various applications will make communication more dynamic by providing access, for example, to a documentary portal, touristics information, mapping, or real-time information such as weather or information flows.

The best of high-tech

Its high-end 42-inch 4K rotating screen with 10-point multitouch display offers you great visual ease in navigating your various applications and unparalleled display quality. Enjoy comfort to the touch! Optimal interaction without any latency during use is facilitated by the power of the embedded microprocessor.

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