A complete range of dynamic solutions for real estate agencies

Dynamic displays working for the real estate sector

Why should you, as a real estate agency, take an interest in dynamic displays? A real estate agency has to manage dozens or even hundreds of property offers at the same time. Each of these offers must contain all of the details and precise specifications of the individual property on offer: location, surface area, price, advantages, etc. Dynamic displays will become essential in real estate offices to promote the most interesting offers and manage all of these offers easily. A system which can cope with these issues effectively will present many advantages.

Dynamic display solutions can also be used to, or more often in the place of, printed property offer signs and thus modernise real estate agency window displays. Real-estate agencies are quite often well-located in busy streets or pedestrianised city centres and therefore have a very high level of visibility which deserves to be used to the full, and dynamic displays are the best way to do this. Responding to this need for visibility and communication will develop the attractiveness of an agency and its real-estate offers. Most real estate agencies are now investing in this new way to improve their visibility and customer proximity as a way to complete more real-estate deals.

Dynamic display opprotunities for real estate agents

Capturing attention

A real estate agency window display filled with printed property adverts will evidently capture less attention than a window with a high quality dynamic display screen. A dynamic window display will capture the attention of passers-by for longer.

Stand out from the competition

Get all the benefit of the “Wow!” effect. Give yourself the opportunity to surprise your target customers with high quality hardware which will leave a long-lasting impression on customers and passers-by. After all, we only want one thing: to make the best possible first impression.

Modernise your agency’s miage

Fitting your real estate agency out with interactive and dynamic display screens will modernise your agency. Real estate agency’s have often been considered too classical or dour but they must inspire confidence and reassure.

Improve internal and external communication

Dynamic displays are a great communication tool. Whilst the impact of the support on prospective customers and passers-by is evidently very high, it can also show information for internal target clients such as the real estate agents themselves.

The advantages of dynamic displays for real estate agencies

Customised content

Iagona provides a high quality dynamic display software for real estate application: eImmobilier (eRealestate). All of the content displayed can be customised. You can automatically recover offer details from your specialised in-house software (photos, virtual visits, specifications, etc.), add customer feedback or institutional videos or anything else from a large range of possibilities on offer.

Real-time information updates

You may worry that the content on display could go quickly out of date… Or not be sure that you will be able to manage all of the information on display… Our software interface is completely intuitive, you will be able to modify your content very easily. In just a few clicks you can remove or add an offer, or modify an existing offer (new photos, price changes, etc.). And the data will then be updated in real-time.

Improve customer relations

Customer feedback, promote your latest news, events or social media presence, etc. Making a good impression in this way will ensure that you maintain good customer relations. In addition to that, the screen is a good way to get through to your visitors, it is a genuine sales-aid for real-estate agents and consultants.

Save time, space and money

Inside your real estate agency, a dynamic display screen will be compact and easy to configure and as a result it will become as essential as it is discreet in your day to day business. If you dedicate a small amount of space for a tactile screen you will be able to add a totally new dimension to your agency, whatever its size. In addition to this, these communication supports are an ideal opportunity to increase your owner and buyer portfolios.

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