NeoScan Suite



Cheque and voucher processing software

The NeoScan software suite enables the automatic processing of cheques and vouchers directly from the remitter. All cashless documents can be processed by our software solution, such as service vouchers, holiday vouchers, gift vouchers and lunch tickets.

NeoScan Suite generates TLMC files (TLMC is the French acronym for ‘remote transmission of magnetic lines on cheques’) that comply with banking standards and can be interfaced with your ERP system. To facilitate acquisition, our tabletop scanner endorses single or multi-recipient cheques and vouchers – a feature developed for the needs of property managers in particular.

Our tabletop scanner coupled with the NeoScan software suite allows professionals to scan their cheques and vouchers and/or prepaid vouchers. Once scanned, the TLMC file is generated and transmitted to the depositor’s bank so they are cashed more quickly. By automating previously manual operations, you make the best use of your resources.

What is TLMC?

TLMC is a simple solution that automates the processing of cheques and vouchers you receive from your customers. Indeed, account crediting is accelerated with the remote transmission of a cheque or voucher image file to your bank alongside your paper remittances.

Our NeoScan suite software will retrieve the images of the cheques or vouchers scanned by our NeoScan cheque and voucher scanner and generate the TLMC file to be sent to your bank.


When you use our NeoScan tabletop scanner together with our cheque and voucher processing software:

  • You save time and money by automating manual data entry tasks
  • You build up an accounting tracking file
  • You secure the recording of your cheques and vouchers



  • Better use of resources
  • Less costly archiving of cheques and vouchers
  • Guaranteed return on investment



  • Accelerated bank remittance process
  • Reduced cheque and voucher cashing time
  • Optimised cashflow



  • Guaranteed traceability
  • Minimisation of errors
  • Automated digital archiving of data

How it works

The scanner

  • Records the magnetic line on the cheque or voucher
  • Scans all available information on the cheque or voucher
  • Takes a picture of the cheque or voucher
  • Adds the endorsement to the back of the cheque or voucher
  • Prints the information you have defined

The software suite

  • Processes the files received from the scanner
  • Generates a TLMC file
  • Provides access to a management interface
  • Compiles the information present on cheques and vouchers
  • Groups remittances by accounting entry

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