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Digital queue management terminal

Are you looking for a digital and interactive queue management terminal? Do you want to use a connected solution to energise your retail area? Go for a Moneyline digital queue management terminal, a connected solution which will ensure better customer experience in physical retail outlets or visitor reception areas. New digitalisation solutions will increase the interactive nature of your space.

Why install a digital queue management terminal?

Customer experience has become a major issue for businesses, retailers and administrations. It provides a genuine means to compete with internet-based competition by offering a more pleasant purchase experience or visit than is possible on-line using a computer or smartphone. This digital queue management terminal ensures that visitors get a stimulating and interactive experience.

Digital reception kiosk for your retail or reception area

Revitalising your retail or reception area

It is often quite difficult to breathe new life and energy into certain types of retail outlets. This is one of the main difficulties which have to be faced when managing a physical customer reception area.

A touch-screen queue management terminal can feed energy to a retail outlet. If the reception, advisory or support staff are not available the digital queue management terminal can cover for this by registering and prioritising customer requests. They can start to collect information or just make the first contact. A Moneyline digital queue management terminal has many potential uses thanks to its fully customisable technology and hardware: maps, web-sites, and dedicated applications, waiting time management, advertising videos or text.

Digital reception kiosk for sales

The digital queue management terminal, a genuine sales argument

Installing this type of touch-screen is part of the digital transition process. This is one of the best solutions for getting the attention of your visitors as well as keeping them and gaining their loyalty. Sales arguments can use these advertising channels to make sales, register requirements or collect customer data, etc. Shopping centres, public spaces, professional trade-shows, shops, etc. Interactive terminals can be installed anywhere and have the flexibility necessary to ensure you improve your sales performance.

Thanks to the reliability of the digital terminal and its custom software interface you will have all the advantages of a digital queue management terminal, an innovative and interactive solution which will not only increase your retail outlet’s productivity and sales performance but will also guarantee a better customer experience.

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