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Touchscreen kiosk: versatility and interactivity for your digitalization

Thanks to an innovative communication tool that works with an interactive application, your digital display is more valuable than ever. Benefiting from touch technology, these touch terminals will invite themselves into your premises and will also allow you to host your multimedia presentations and benefit from all the tools of dynamic communication.

These intuitive touch devices also allow you to optimise the digitalisation of your point of sale in order to increase the interactivity of your space, particularly thanks to new interactive solutions. Your customers will be able to obtain information on a self-service touch terminal, by consulting the messages broadcast or the interactive maps made available to direct visitors towards your products and/or services.

Digital interactive kiosk: why integrate it into your point of sale?

Customer experience has become a major challenge for companies, tourist offices, shops and administrations. It allows them to compete with the web by offering a pleasant shopping experience or visit, which is different from a dematerialised visit on a computer or smartphone.

With this sleekly designed digital reception kiosk, visitors will enjoy a stimulating and interactive experience. They will be able to use a highly responsive touch screen with unparalleled brightness to inform and orient themselves.

Boosting a sales or reception area with an interactive communication medium

It is often difficult to breathe life into certain points of sale. This is one of the main difficulties in the successful management of a physical reception point.

Fortunately, you can implement an interactive digital communication strategy thanks to the ergonomics of a tactile device such as our connected information terminals. Make this reception terminal your best ally.

Transportable everywhere, a touch-sensitive reception terminal will make the point of sale or exhibition space more dynamic. If the staff in charge of welcoming, advising or accompanying visitors is not available, the interactive reception terminal will take over and qualify the visitors’ request. Visitors will be able to receive information or at least an initial contact via these touch screens.

The Iagona touch-sensitive kiosk is versatile, thanks to its technology and customisable interfaces: access map, website, dedicated application, waiting time, advertising spots, advertising messages, etc.

The interactive kiosk, an asset for the sales force

Installing touch screens s part of the digital transition and is becoming an essential solution to attract attention, keep visitors and build loyalty.

The sales force can use these communication tools to make sales, to qualify needs or to collect customer data… Shopping centres, public places, trade shows, shops…

The interactive kiosks can be installed anywhere with great agility to offer you a better commercial performance.

Between the reliability of digital kiosks and the software interface adapted to any type of customisation, you will benefit from a digital kiosk, an innovative and interactive solution that increases productivity and commercial performance at the point of sale, but also the customer experience.

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