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Why install a cheque deposit terminal
in a bank?

Do you want to provide your customers with a genuine service? Are you looking for a solution to make cheque deposits in your bank branch easier?
A cheque deposit terminal is an excellent way to reduce the tiresome task of completing slips (thus reducing mistakes) and improve the customer experience. This is a great way to encourage customer satisfaction and loyalty. Digitalising your self-service banking area will give your bank branch a modern and connected image.

Why install a cash deposit terminal

As retail outlets and banks become increasingly digitalised, many new solutions are appearing in bank branches. These innovative solutions fulfil different roles which can be very useful for banks. This very specific sector is constantly innovating to automate procedures, secure transactions and the reduce customer waiting times inside branches. The main objective is to offer the best possible customer experience.

To this end, a digital cash deposit machine is the most secure options for customers who make cash deposits. The customer can prepare their deposit before coming to the branch. The cash is placed in an envelope containing the deposit details. The envelope is placed into the safe which opens when the customer identifies themselves. The operation is very rapid and highly secure.

Cheques deposit

Making cheque processing easier

The main issue surrounding cheque processing is security and the time spent processing them inside the bank branches. The best way to deal with this would be to find a simple and economic way of completing the procedure.

An automatic cheque deposit machine is useful for bank branches since it can automate the whole cheque deposit process. Customers no longer have to complete the deposit slips by hand: this is done automatically by the terminal once the client has been identified.

No additional counting or data-entry is required from the clerk since the terminal generates a computer file which will be processed automatically by the bank’s IT system. The machine itself checks for errors resulting in even more peace of mind for all concerned. Bank employees will this be able to concentrate on more valuable tasks. The terminal also means there will be no further need for the old pre-printed deposit slips and envelopes. This saves time and money for the bank.

Cheque deposit terminals have a large storage capacity of up to 1,000 cheques. This means fewer human interventions.

Improving the customer experience

A cheque deposit terminal is, above all, an advantage for the customer. No more filling out cheque deposit slips; the customer simply identifies themselves to the machine with their card and is automatically recognised. At the end of the procedure, it prints out a receipt for the customer’s peace of mind. The cheque is then scanned and rapidly credited to their bank account.

The touch-screen interface is intuitive and cheques can be securely deposited in seconds. Cheque deposits can now become easy and enjoyable. Finally, the terminal is open 24h/24h in self-service banking areas just like an Automatic Teller Machine (ATM), making it perfect for customers who do not have the time during office hours.

You can rely on Moneyline, the leading specialist in innovative digital solutions for the banking sector, for cheque deposit machines with custom applications.

Cash deposit terminal

An innovative solution : the cash deposit terminal

Thanks to the Iagona automatic cash deposit machine, the customer can prepare their deposit before coming to the bank. They just need to place the cash in an envelope with a list of the contents. When they are in front of the machine, the customer identifies themselves using the qr-code on their card or generated by a mobile phone app. The safe opens so that they can place the envelope with the cash inside. The deposit takes no more than 30 seconds. The money is deposited in total security.

The customer identifies themselves with a single use QR code, their bank card or using a mobile phone app.

This machine is not only good for customers who deposit cash; it also has a number of advantages for bank branches. An automated cash deposit machine implies that staff do not have to handle cash. The cash in the machine is only ever collected by secure funds transporters. The system is totally secure and reliable, it communicates directly with the funds transport companies to organise the most efficient collection rounds.

You can rely on Iagona if you want to find the automated cash deposit machine best suited to your bank’s needs and expectations.

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Cash withdrawals or deposits, cheque deposits and statement print-outs now no longer require the intervention of an agent since these machines have intuitive interfaces that have been designed with the needs of all customers in mind. This will save time for your agents and allow them to concentrate on more high value tasks. They will be more available for complex demands, and thus improve customer experience within the branch.