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Our self-service solutions

Are you looking for innovative and powerful solutions to inject energy into your point of sale or reception area? At Moneyline we have been making self-service solutions for over 30 years and now offer a large range of touch-screen interactive terminals for retail businesses or administrations. These solutions include digital reception terminals, goods and service payment terminals, table-top cheque scanners or Click and Collect lockers.

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Self-service interactive touch-screen terminals for retailers and Public administrations

The size and variety of the Moneyline product range is such that we can fully digitise points of sale, equip a shopping centre and find the best way to digitise administrative tasks.

Whilst each touch-screen terminal has a very precise role to play as laid out by it’s advanced user-defined functions, the common goal of all of these solutions continues to be the desire to propose a totally new customer experience. Digitising the customer’s visit to a point of sale will improve how they see the store; it saves time, reduces queues and provides immediate gratification.

Each touch-screen terminal will accompany your customer or visitor as they go about their business (pay for an order, book tickets for a show, complete an administrative formality, find out about a service, etc.). A self-service digital touch-screen terminal will allow your clients to complete simple actions with autonomy, and can also help them to formulate a request which can then be dealt with by an advisor or a sales assistant.