A complete range of dynamic solutions for educational establishments

Are you planning on modernising your educational establishment? Do you want to improve the way you communicate information in your school, college or university?
Have you considered dynamic display systems?

Iagona designs dynamic display solutions for educational and professional training establishments. These turnkey solutions are very useful for educational establishments.2

Modernise your educational establishment with dynamic displays

Educational establishments are often considered to be dour and outdated, far from the tastes and expectations of their young public. Integrating modern and innovative installations to develop a more agreeable and up to date image will help to meet the expectations of everyone involved: teachers, students, pupils, administrative staff, visitors, etc.

Dynamic displays working for the education sector

Dynamic display systems are not just a gadget for giving an educational establishment a more modern image. It is a powerful and effective communication tool which is easy to deploy in any educational or professional training establishment (school, college, university, etc.).

If you manage or work in an educational establishment you will know that unforeseen events, adjustments and last minute changes are frequent. Between classroom changes, teacher absences or one-off events, it can be very difficult to keep everyone informed in real-time.

But it has never been so easy to:

  • Change timetables
  • Broadcast establishment or board of education communications
  • Promote events
  • Broadcast news
  • Display internship or student job offers

The Iagona solution allows you to simply and quickly update content and display it without the need for detailed technical expertise.

The advantages of our dynamic display software that are best suited for the education sector

la communication par l'écran dynamique

Keep students informed

It is easy to edit the content to be displayed. This is why this type of communication solutions is so interesting. The information is displayed for all to see so there’s no need to send emails or update internet or intranet sites.

Entertain students

Dynamic displays are also a good way to entertain students or pupils: interactive quizzes, fun videos and other entertaining content. This way it will be easy to communicate and improve relations with students/pupils.

Make communication with the teachinh staff easier

Evidently the students are not the only ones who will benefit from information broadcasted by dynamic displays. Teaching staff can be kept informed about classroom changes or upcoming staff meetings and thus organise their day-to-day work more effectively.

Keep visitors to your establishment informed

Educational establishments often receive outside visitors: parents, overseas teaching staff or students, professionals that come to give career presentations or propose internships, etc. Content to welcome and direct these visitors can be programmed to suit specific events.

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