Neoscreen 5.0






Digital signage software

Neoscreen is a digital signage solution, highly scalable and particularly powerful which enables, from an Internet browser, to create, schedule and broadcast your content on a single or several screens.
Neoscreen is a very simple solution for everyone to use : communication team, marketing or digital, even so content manager.

Distribution on all types of screen

Neoscreen is a 100% web application which has been developed and maintained by Iagona’s R&D department for the last 15 years. The software has an intuitive interface which can be operated via any web browser. This allows you to broadcast content to a network of screens, totems or terminals regardless of their physical location.

Compatible with all supports

Neoscreen has been designed to operate on a 24/7 basis allowing you to react quickly to the needs of your target public and intervene in real-time. It synchronises data in the Cloud, such that it can be accessed and operated using any computer, PC or Mac, tablet or smartphone.

The special features of Neoscreen

Neoscreen has been developed to bring you all the tools you need for your digital signage from a single web platform. No more need to navigate through your different interfaces to build a digital signage system that reflects your image! Equipped with its integrated creation tool Neomaker, Neoscreen allows you to create your messages at a glance. Discover all the advantages of the software:

Neomaker creation tool

Neoscreen integrates a creation tool called Neomaker which allows you to create, in a quick and easy way, your totally personalised animations by combining text, images, videos, widgets and many other elements.

Many appearance and disappearance effects are proposed in order to make your animated messages dynamic and vibrant.

With its connectors, Neomaker also allows you to integrate external information into your presentations (CSV, TXT, XML files or SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL databases…).

Online services

Many connected services are at your disposal in the media library in order to broadcast information in real time: RSS feeds, weather, traffic, horoscope, air quality, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube or Facebook videos…









Neoscreen Extensions

A lot of extensions to the Neoscren software have been developed. Interactive map, dynamic signage, digital restaurant menu, display of your rates and services, digital directory… Offer your customers a 100% digital experience. Discover all our Neoscreen extensions that meet your needs.

Help your customers to find their way around with an interactive map. Dynamic route finders made easy.


Make your maps interactive in just a few clicks. Change your menus and drinks offer as necessary and display them on your screen.


Use dynamic signs to help your clients to find their meeting, conference or training rooms.


Display your prices and services easily using our PriceEx extension.


Welcome visitors by proposing a virtual concierge service to assist them.


Tell us about your project and we can develop a bespoke display solution for you.


Count the number of visitors entering and leaving your establishment in order to regulate the number of visitors.


The Android version of Neoscreen

Neoscreen also exists for Android OS. This version has been specially created by our developers to provide you with the possibility of installing dynamic displays without integrated players allowing you to access our software more economically.

Broadcast your dynamic display content with or without Android player. There are two possible options:

  • By simply installing the application with an Android monitor you can broadcast your messages
  • An additional Android player will be installed in the absence of an Android monitor.

The advantages of the Android version

  • With the Android version of Neoscreen you can directly access the software integrated into your monitor or use an additional android player. You can then manage it remotely from your computer as with a standard license.
  • The ultimate advantage: the Android version of Neoscreen connects perfectly with the Windows version.
  • Does your installation already include windows players? You will not need to modify the whole of your installation. Simply install Android players wherever you wish to, and continue to manage the whole of your installation from a single Neoscreen dashboard.

Comparison between Neoscreen Windows and Neoscreen Android


  • Images and photos
  • Audio
  • Video
  • URL
  • URL with automated identification
  • Connected messages (weather, horoscope, cinema, social media, ect.)
  • Office and Adobe documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, ect.)
  • Unconnected Neomaker messages
  • Connected Neomaker messages (widgets, BDD connectors, ect.)


(Lecture native)

(Lecture native)




Examples of Neoscreen use

Internal corporate communication

  • Communicate in a dynamic and innovative way to your employees or visitors
  • Convey your messages easily and efficiently
  • Enhance the image of your company

Public reception

  • Display in store promotions
  • Inform about the region in the tourist office
  • Broadcast innovations and novelties in leisure centres

Advertising control

  • Manage advanced access rights for all user profiles 
  • Quickly update external content online 
  • Schedule the broadcast for a day, a week, a year 

Real estate agents

  • Install a large number of dedicated real-estate offer software applications
  • Broadcast 24/7 real-estate offers, one-click updates
  • Manage key offer data in a dynamically


  • Create a spectacular presentation by deploying a single video over a number of screens
  • Combine a number of different sources of information on a single image wall
  • Increase the impact of your advertising

Waiting room displays

  • Reduce perceived waiting times for visitors
  • Display preventive information
  • Raise awareness with real-time displays concerning new screening and prevention campaigns



  • Broadcast of every type of media : photos, videos, PowerPoint, web, pages, Flash
  • Creation of personalized content thanks to Neomaker
  • Media Library for content


  • Planning of the broadcast thanks to a calendar
  • Management of the broadcast by days
  • Management of the broadcast on screen networks remotely
  • Possibility to divide a screen in serveral broadcast areas
  • Control of video walls


  • Check in real time the state
  • Visualize the synchronization of your players
  • Visualize the current broadcast
  • Manage the maintenance remotely on your computer park
  • Broadcast statistics


  • Administration interface compatible with every browser
  • Noumerous content included in the media library
    (weather, traffic conditions, RSS)
  • Social network management
  • Creation of personalized templates thanks to Neomaker
  • Importation of dynamic contents (databases, Excel, Csv, XmL…)
  • Broadcast of message banner