Interactive map solution


Interactive map solution for terminals and screens

Interactive map solution for terminals and screens

MapEx is a guide-map production and operation software application for interactive terminals and screens.

It allows you to geolocate a trade-show, a service or even people and create a dynamic itinerary to lead you there. it can be used in any public reception area (hotel, conference centre, shopping centre, office block, etc.)


MapEx is open and intuitive, you can integrate your own maps on interactive terminals or dynamic display screens. Create routes on a number of levels. We can convert your maps into 3D so that only the desired areas are displayed.


MapEx can be connected with SignEx and be used to guide your customers or visitors to their meeting room in a dynamic way.

Educational establishments are often considered to be dour and outdated, far from the tastes and expectations of their young public. Integrating modern and innovative installations to develop a more agreeable and up to date image will help to meet the expectations of everyone involved: teachers, students, pupils, administrative staff, visitors, etc.



  • Management of room categories, sub-categories, etc.
  • Map management: background image, max/min zoom configuration, and floor attribution
  • Application settings (icons, colours, line thickness)
  • Start/finish point management: creation and location
  • Drag&drop management of route tracings


  • Custom home page: tabs, sections, widgets (weather, etc.)
  • Total layout, ergonomics and file-tree freedom
  • Dynamic guiding with the map moving with the cursor


  • Ease of use
  • Interactive
  • Automatic guidance

Usage examples

  • Hotels and conference halls
  • Training centres
  • Shopping centres
  • Guiding visitors around shopping centres
  • Arrangement of rooms and conference halls in a hotel or conference centre
  • Site plans for amusement parks or holiday villages
  • Location of cabins and rooms on a cruise-ship
  • Evacuation plans for an apartment block or residence
  • Visitor orientation and hall locations in an exhibition centre

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