Digital Payment Kiosks

Digital payment terminals

Do you have a project which will require a payment terminal? Are you looking for a digital payment terminal? Discover all of Moneyline’s innovative payment solutions for retailers and administrations! A touch-screen payment terminal can transform you retail area by adding an additional payment solution which will improve customer experience in physical retail outlets.

Digital payment terminals : easy and can be customised

Making payments easier in retail outlets

A digital payment solution makes payment transactions easier in retail outlets or reception areas. It is an essential stage which must be mastered to avoid missing out on sale opportunities and ensuring a smooth and pleasant customer experience. Payment terminals are part of the new cost effective solutions that can be used as a replacement or alternative to staffed sales counters. With the Moneyline digital payment terminal you can take payments 24 hours a day, 365 days a year without the need for staff presence.
Transactions can be made as and when the customer wishes, there’s no need to rush and that’s always more pleasant for them. They also make it easier to implement a multi-lingual service and payment solution.

Payment terminals which can be customised to suit all business sectors

These automatic payment terminals are the figure-head of the interactive terminal market and are suitable to all business sectors: retail, administration, shopping centres, public spaces, etc. This complete and ergonomic solution is ideal for a number of different uses: fast food order taking terminal, supermarkets, event ticketing or tourism ticket sales, subscription renewals and car-park fee payment.

Moneyline, the digital payment experts, can develop specific applications to create bespoke solutions to respond to your needs. The software possibilities are infinite.

A multi-function payment terminal

A multi-function payment terminal

Interactive payment terminals can be either standard or customised to suit your business sector; they participate actively in customer loyalty and providing a better “in-store” customer experience. These terminals are also excellent supports for targeted advertising campaigns which can be displayed on their large high visibility multi-touch screens.

You can program the terminal to accept the payment methods of your choice: credit/debit card, cash – bank-notes and/or coins, etc. The terminal and software are designed to have the best possible security and ergonomics.

You can rely on Moneyline and its 30 years of experience in innovative digital solutions to offer you the payment terminal best suited to your business sector.

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