Digital Signage and Kiosks in
the Retail sector

Into the heart of the customer experience
Dynamic displays and interactive terminals

In these ultra-connected times using digital technology in points of sale has become essential. Do you manage a shop or are you responsible for the shop or points of sale layouts?
Then you will know how crucial it is to be able to stand out from your competition if you want to get ahead. Paying attention to customer experience, stimulating sales, promoting commercial messages, communicating with prospective and existing clients and modernising your brand image are all absolutely essential.
Dynamic displays and interactive terminals by Iagona, the specialist in innovative digital solutions, provide the perfect answers to these objectives which can then contribute to a genuine marketing strategy.

Bring the magic back to in-store purchases with dynamic displays

Iagona’s dedicated dynamic display software is specially designed to support retailers. Dynamic displays can be used to animate the whole of the customer experience: in-store advertising, purchase information displays and customer support. Whilst outdoor screens attract the customer’s attention, indoor screens help to guide them in their choices or propose accessory or upgrade products (cross-selling, up-selling).

la communication par l'écran dynamique

Presenting your products

Dynamic displays are a powerful tool for making a retail business more attractive. A shop interior may not always be ideal for promoting products and services, depending on its size and how it is laid out. In this case dynamic displays can be used to highlight a product and present its real-life advantages. And in addition to this, passers-by pay more attention to a screen and dynamic content than they would to a static shop window display.

Make your shop more dynamic

Out with the old static displays and in with dynamic content. You can use the integrated graphic design tools of the Iagona software suite to create incisive video content and animations in just a few minutes. The image you present will thus become more modern and connected.

Promote your special
offers or new products

In-store dynamic displays will encourage more sales. This is an ideal way to communicate promotional offers and prices, and then be able to update them in real-time. Leading, new, essential or trending products… By presenting the products in real-life situations you can help your customers to make their choices and give a better idea of how the products can be used without having to use up the valuable time of a sales assistant.

For events like Black Friday, sales or the Christmas shopping season, they attract the consumer’s attention and encourage impulse buying.

Invite your customers into your brand’s universe

It is but a single step from advertising to brand experience… Dynamic displays strengthen your brand image and can present its intrinsic values. You can get closer to your customers by displaying content which presents your brand’s DNA and specialised know-how. Show them how you manufacture your products, create a genuine experience for them!

With digital media one can talk about the “theatricality of the brand”: videos, animations, interactive features, photo galleries, real-time data feeds… the possibilities are so varied they will seem infinite!

Interactive terminals or how to improve the customer’s in-store experience


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Interactive terminals or how to improve the customer’s in-store experience

Faced with the rise in popularity of e-commerce, in-store purchasing is becoming more personal, simple and rapid thanks to dynamic displays and touch-screen terminals.

Attract customers and gain their loyalty

Depending on its location, the touch-screen terminal guides each visitor’s purchase experience, and with its payment module it can assist with the payment process. Anyone in charge of a retail outlet knows the influence that the customer experience will have on their success.
Customer loyalty is also gained through customer satisfaction. Interactive terminals are ideal for gathering feedback, analysing customer flows and quickly identifying trends. If located near to the cash-desks or exits, they can be used to ask customers about their in-store experiences and even take suggestions.

Using digital technology to reinvent the purchase experience 

Touch-screen terminals provide customers with an enjoyable and pleasant purchase experience. Customers can use these digital tools to access the retailer’s complete product presentations, allowing them to find the items they are looking for more easily.

Informing visitors

Displayed content is an excellent way to encourage interaction and assist customers as they make their choice(s) from amongst the range of products available in the store. Each customer can also compare different items and make the choice best suited to their desires.
With a touch-screen, each customer will have access to essential information (price, specifications) regarding the items presented in-store. All the information they need will be to hand with no need for them to use the internet.

Promoting points of sale

The attractive and practical touch-screen terminals will bring energy and innovation to your store. Since anyone can use them, they will encourage the curiosity of customers and develop customer relations in no time! And interaction will always attract customers!

Make use of the possibilities presented by mobile and touch-screen terminal technology

The combination of mobile technology with a touch-screen terminal can be very interesting since using a telephone can lead a customer to use a touch-screen terminal.

Customer feedback surveys can be included in touch-screen terminals. These surveys allow each customer to express themselves openly and anonymously regarding their in-store experience. If they agree to provide their contact details and receive information, the retailer can send them personalised special offers or promotional codes, that they can scan with their phone.

What kind of in-store interactive terminal?

We propose two types of interactive touch-screen terminals.

Interactive terminals are simple and easy to install and will allow retailers to redefine their pricing strategy, products or customer reception procedures in terms of analysed data.

Terminals with payment module

These are information terminals which assist the customer in their choices, integrate customer satisfaction survey campaigns or tools to mange loyalty schemes (a sign-up terminal for customer loyalty cards).
They can also help the customer to find their way around larger stores, with a number of floors, or to locate a particular retailer in a shopping centre.

Terminals with payment module

These can be used to purchase an item and have it delivered if the item is not available in the store, or to reserve an item and pay for it in advance. These terminals can also be used to configure products (for made-to-measure shoes – or order a unique item and have it delivered). This interactive touch-screen payment terminal can also provide the same services as a terminal without payment module.

Touch-screen terminals can be very useful for both customers and shop assistants. The type of terminal that should be installed will depend on the retailer’s objectives.

An interactive terminal specially suited for each point of sale!

A small touch-screen terminal should suffice for the entrance to a small outlet. For larger surface areas, or for new product launches, a large touch-screen table will capture the attention of customers. A free-standing terminal near to the payment counter will be best suited for stores intending to propose customer satisfaction surveys. A terminal in the form of a totem could be installed for games and competitions.

Why should you install a touch-screen terminal in your store: what are the advantages?


Save time

In-store touch-screen terminals are accessible to all and can be used to display the essential information regarding a product. This will allow customers to save time since they will not need to wait for a sales assistant to become available to get the answers to their questions.


Increased sales

A touch-screen terminal is a genuine vector for increased sales, it allows you to respond individually to customer needs and much, much more. For example, if a customer is buying an item of clothing, matching accessories or alternative versions can be presented. All of this information will encourage them to return and thus increase sales in the store.


Information accessible to everyone

Touch-screen terminals are multi-purpose and can be used by anyone, they can display a wide range of content and provide all of the useful information related to a specific product. All of this information will help customers to make their purchase decisions.


An effective advertising tool

Stores can use touch-screen terminals to provide effective, personalised and relevant communications with their customers.


Modernise your brand image

A touch-screen terminal will allow the store to present an innovative and dynamic image of its point of sale. Modernise your sales area with touch-screen terminals!

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