Digital signage

Iagona supports you from start to finish on your digital signage project – from your choice of Neoscreen licence to your display equipment.
We offer you products which are adapted to your digital signage, are easy to use, and point your target customers to the right information.

Coupled with the right display medium, your digital signage messages will offer your audience an optimal experience.

Whether you need a reception desk, an information panel or an information desk, or a digital totem to provide information, all our products will meet your requirements!

The different types of digital signage

Each installation is different. What’s special about digital signage is that it adapts to your needs. Whether you have a restaurant to promote, a point of sale to animate or a hotel to digitise, digital signage provides you with flexible communication!


All our products fit perfectly with our digital signage software. The question is: what do you need it for? Depending on your target customers, our products can be adapted.

  • The totems lets you display your offers, guide your customers around your store thanks to the digital signage, or inform them through the use of animated messages.
  • Use our interactive terminals to display your restaurant menus or show an interactive map to help customers find their way more easily.
  • Our Neobox players allow you to connect your screens to our Neoscreen digital signage software, making your global communication the same.
  • Our display media: from our monitors to mounting brackets, giant LED screens and video walls, choose the display media that best suits your reception area.

The benefits of our digital signage products

Inform your current and prospective customers

Digital signage allows you to display all your messages in real time. Installing screens and monitors in strategic passing points or places that can cause stress and annoyance (such as waiting rooms and checkout queues) makes your customers feel less like they’re waiting while entertaining them. Customers will be more receptive to the messages broadcasted thanks to the animation on display.

Attract attention with digital signage.

Promote your offers

By installing digital signage screens in your points of sale as well as in your windows, you draw the consumer’s eye to your offers. More dynamic than information posters, they will increase the visibility of your products and services. Moreover, digital signage lets you create animated messages, which stand out more for consumers and inform them in no time about offers and promotions.

Improve your sales and customer loyalty!

Guide and accompany your customers

Installing a desk at the entrance of your reception area helps your customers to get their bearings thanks to an interactive map or to register for an appointment using a digital directory. That way you avoid disappointing your customers from the start. A totem pole placed in the various passing points will guide them thanks to the digital signage and provide reference points.
Moreover, when organising events, digital signage allows you to easily indicate the rooms where each event, conference or workshop is being held. Highlight each event with animation features.

Communicate more fluidly

You can also set up digital signage screens in companies, local authorities or educational institutions. These screens will have the advantage of disseminating the latest messages in real time. Welcome your customers passing by thanks to digital signage, and inform your employees of the latest company news and successful projects. You can also unite teams thanks to internal events.

The benefits of our products

  • Indoor monitors allow you to broadcast information and news for better entertainment.
  • Giant LED screens are ideal for both indoor and outdoor communication. With a good level of brightness, they are a good way to get your customers’ attention.
  • Totems inform and guide your customers with ease.
  • Interactive terminals offer you the chance to establish a connection with your customers.

The benefits of digital signage

  • Update in real time messages to be shown: an undeniable time-saver.
  • Programme remote playlists to inform and entertain according to the time of day, week or month.
  • Simplify your communication.

Digital signage is perfectly suited to internal communication (in companies and factories) and external communication (in restaurants, shops and hotels etc.). Depending on your preferred use, it has many advantages.

Internal communication

  • Reduce your paper printouts: information messages for employees will be displayed directly on the screens.
  • Announce upcoming company events to employees.
  • Make your workers aware of the required safety rules.
  • Display key monitoring indicators.
    Communicate new arrivals in your company.
  • Publish your key figures (e.g. number of days without incidents, production indicators etc.).
  • Establish a connection between your different production sites to bring your teams closer together.
  • Circulate monthly or annual objectives to motivate your employees.

External communication

  • Reduce your paper posters: special offers, new products or your opening hours can be displayed on your dissemination media./li>
  • Inform customers about your new product ranges.
  • Entertain customers in queues.
  • Give advice about your products.
  • Provide information about current legislation.
  • Disseminate prevention campaigns.
  • Display national and international news.
  • Inform customers of tourist visits in the region.

Do you have any questions? See our Q&A.

Digital signage has taken over from traditional paper signage. Whatever you call it – digital display, digital, dynamic POS display, on-screen display, dynamic screen or digital media – it is an extremely powerful vector of communication and hard to avoid.

What’s the principle behind it? Multimedia content broadcasted remotely and in real time on dynamic screens that capture attention and engage your audience in an innovative and impactful way.

Targeted information, messages renewed as many times as you want and strict time management of your communication: all this has become possible thanks to digital signage.

Whatever the line of business, the digitalisation of companies is essential to support their growth. And as such, digital signage is one of the key tools of new web marketing strategies.

Digital signage offers substantial benefits:

  • Flexible, animated, engaging and responsible (internal and external) communication
  • Optimal promotion of your products and services
  • Consumers won over, sales increased tenfold
  • A sophisticated, enhanced brand image
  • An easy-to-use and infinitely customisable medium

Just take a look around. Traditional signage is being increasingly replaced by digital signage, which is now part of the fabric of our everyday lives.

A pioneer in this field, Iagona offers innovative technological solutions that meet the most exacting requirements of companies in the broadest sense of the term, whether public or private, banks, shops, SMEs, public authorities, businesses or factories etc.

The major benefit of digital signage lies in the power of broadcasting software and its ease of use. Adaptable to all types of screens and touch-screen terminals, real-time interactivity with users is far superior to traditional displays.

Iagona presents Neoscreen

  • A 100% web application, developed nearly 15 years ago by our R&D team
  • Particularly powerful, scalable software
  • Comes with an intuitive interface that can be used from any web browser
  • Neoscreen allows you to create, plan and broadcast your content on one or more screens, totems or terminals, regardless of their geographical location
  • A simple and accessible solution for communication, marketing, digital and content management teams

We develop our own business software as well as customer-specific applications. Packaged software for banking, retail, government and all sectors of day-to-day life. Our digital solutions are continuously updated according to users’ needs and feedback.

Basically, to set up a digital signage system, you need:

  • A computer and an Internet connection
  • A player, a box that connects the programming on the computer and the display on the digital screen
  • A screen which, once connected to the player, broadcasts the content (images, videos and applications) continuously


The Neoscreen software is compatible with Android. Created by our developers, it allows you to install digital signage without a built-in player and to access our software at a lower cost.

Broadcast your digital signage content with or without an Android player. Two options are available to you:

  • With an Android monitor, simply installing the application allows you to broadcast your messages.
  • Without an Android monitor, an additional player is installed and that’s it!

Neoscreen includes a design module called Neomaker which allows you to create, in a quick and easy way, your own fully customised animations by combining text, images, videos, widgets and many other components.

Various effects of appearance and disappearance are available to make your messages dynamic and animated.

With its connectors, Neomaker lets you incorporate external information into your presentations (CSV, TXT and XML files, SQL database, server, Oracle, MySQL).

You are free to create, plan and distribute your content on one or more screens, totems or terminals, regardless of their geographical location.

For over 30 years, Iagona has been offering technological solutions which are Made in France, highlighting the expertise and talent of our staff.

Our teams will support you from start to finish on your digital signage project. This includes help with your choice of Neoscreen licence and your display equipment.
We offer you products which are adapted to your digital signage, are easy to use, and point your target customers to the right information.

Whether you need a reception desk, an information panel, a digital totem or a video wall, we have the right product for your requirements.

Although digital signage is becoming more and more accessible and affordable, it is difficult to establish an average budget, as the costs varies greatly depending on the device to be installed. We will be happy to provide you with a quote for your project, with no obligation on your part.

We also offer a leasing finance solution to pay in monthly instalments over 24 to 60 months.

Although it is not common for Iagona to rent digital signage solutions on a one-off basis, this is something we can consider and we will be happy to listen to your requirements as appropriate.

The current international health crisis is a good opportunity to revolutionise communication tools.

Inform customers, raise awareness, share national and international news, and display safety measures and behaviours to adopt through digital signage or terminals.

Thanks to our Neoscreen software, you can control your communication remotely and broadcast official government documents and the latest news in real time.

  • Interfacing with your management software by our developers
  • Personal delivery, commissioning and training service
  • Embedded software for remote maintenance
  • Hotline based in France and expert technicians
  • Repair workshop for hardware maintenance

Iagona products have been manufactured in France since 1998 and comply with CE standards, protecting you in the event of an accident. To date, over 24,000 solutions (digital signage and interactive terminals) have been implemented. We carry out installation and maintenance and have a dedicated team of over 400 technicians ready to step in.

Personalised assistance is offered to our customers.

Do you have any further questions or would you like a quote for a project? Please contact us!