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Dynamic signage software

SignEx allows you to make your signage more dynamic. No more paper posters printed at the last minute before your event. With our software extension, you can now create dynamic messages, displayed directly on your screens.

An ideal solution, whether you are a bank, a factory or a company.

All-media software solution

SignEx is an extension of our digital signage softwareNeoscreen. From the back-office of the application, you can easily create your signage. All you have to do is to enter the events and their rooms.

Accessible from the Neoscreen dashboard, in one click you can manage both the messages displayed on your digital signage screens and the indications of your different meeting places.

In addition, SignEx includes multimedia playlist management and scrolling messages, allowing you to welcome and inform your customers or visitors. This software extension fits perfectly with any establishment providing rooms..


SignEx allows you to direct your customers in the blink of an eye. But its special feature as a digital signage software extension also allows it to keep your customers informed.


SignEx allows you to keep visitors informed directly in front of the rooms. Equipping your venue with screens in front of the rooms will not only reduce the rate of conference interruptions, but also provide better visibility of the room schedule. The public can then interact with the screen in order to reserve an available slot.


What makes SignEx so special is that it offers you full customisation. There are templates in the Neoscreen library, but you can also create your own screen. From a template, you can still adapt to your graphic charter and continue to convey your image.

Why should you use dynamic signage?

Develop your establishment’s signage

Orient at your events more serenely

Reduce the use of single-use paper posters

Improve the quality of your services and your image with customers


  • Plan your meetings
  • Schedule the recurrence of events with the periodicity system
  • Manage the occupation of your meeting rooms
  • Manage access pictograms to direct to the different rooms
  • Display your messages in different languages to suit your international customers
  • Organise your daily and weekly schedule
  • Analyse room occupancy and billing with the statistics module
  • Enhance your screens with RSS feeds (national and international news, local, sectoral and national weather…)
  • Broadcast messages to your customers, photo slideshows, animations…

The ideal distribution media


Tell your clients about the different reception venues and the topics covered in the rooms concerned


Welcome your customers or visitors with dynamic signage directly installed on your kiosk


Thanks to your digital signage screens, direct your audience to the right rooms

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