Digital signage:

a lever for reinventing health

Prescription scanning, click & collect, online sales… Containment has resulted in an explosion of digital uses in pharmacies.

And if you’d follow our prescription to the letter…

The time is long gone when the apothecary worked in his pharmacy with its beautiful wooden shelves, preparing 1001 plant remedies, potions and other therapeutic decoctions…

Over the last ten years, digital signage has been installed in shop windows and in the shelves of pharmacies. A profound transformation that is part of the global evolution of the digital health sector – e-health – in which the pharmacy of tomorrow must be a part.

Opting for digital signage in your pharmacy is to offer your patients customers a digital communication of quality and proximity, while continuing to provide them with valuable advice.

And it is you, pharmacists, who control and customize your content and its distribution.

An essential business at the heart of our daily lives, the world of pharmacy/parapharmacy is constantly evolving in line with medical advances and our lifestyles. The digitalization of pharmacies contributes to support your product and service offer with a clear visual communication that can be understood by all.

Digital Signage in your pharmacy: the prescription to follow!

At Iagona, what we call “helpful” digital takes on its full meaning within your brand. Our digital signage solutions – window screens, wall screens, totems – are reliable and ingenious devices to inform and meet the needs of your patient clientele.

Raising Awareness – Empowerment

Respect for protective gestures – Since the health crisis, as soon as you enter a public place, disinfecting your hands with hydroalcoholic gel has become an obligatory step in the same way as wearing a mask, gestures that should be applied by making people aware of their responsibilities.

We have designed a resistant and versatile hydro-alcoholic gel dispenser. A French solution compatible with all types of pump vials on the market. Our MK Care kiosk takes care of you and your customers.


Our LED monitors are an excellent support to deliver the messages of healthcare professionals with clarity and conciseness, using computer graphics, short animations or informative videos, adjusting the messages to the news, seasonal conditions.

Awareness campaigns – There are many initiatives to support and disseminate, such as Tobacco-Free Month – cancer screening – flu vaccination, and soon VIDC-19, to name a few. A Totem installed inside your pharmacy and you relay this valuable information to as many people as possible.

As well as all practical information related to your pharmacy (opening hours – on-call pharmacy – medicines out of stock – vaccination services and anti-covid tests or addresses of screening centers…).


No more need to glue posters, update them, indoor or outdoor LED monitors will highlight your products and services in a much more vivid way.

Digital signage is the relay for pharmacy employees and boosts sales. Customers who are waiting follow the news of your pharmacy, are informed about medical or health issues, discover new care products.

The following are highlighted:

  • Flagship products, seasonal products
  • Promotions
  • Tips for use
  • The storytelling of a parapharmaceutical brand
  • Your website, your prescription scanning service, click & collect
  • This month’s theme…


To control your communication, discover our software Neoscreen. Scalable, powerful and easy to use, ask us for a demonstration!                                                                                               

In the respect of the sanitary rules

CountEx, technology you can count on!

Our CountEx software counts your customers’ entries and exits.

A 3 in 1 offer: attendance management, analytical data management and dynamic display, CountEx allows you to couple your sensor to your dynamic display. Natively RGPD, equipped with Time-of-Flight technology, 98% reliability.

Our developers have created customizable templates indicating the number of people present in your establishment. Based on the information given by the sensor, your screens will automatically update, telling your visitors whether they can enter or have to wait outside, depending on the maximum number of people allowed to enter the facility.

It is possible to set up messages according to your news. A promotional offer, news specific to your establishment, media to launch, they can be triggered as soon as a new visitor enters.

In brief

Digital is an ally and an additional sales channel. A complementary service to your offer, a help to liquidate your stocks and achieve a better turnover. Digitalization merges with the classic sales channel – the pharmacy – allowing you to meet all the needs and requests of your patient customers.

What will be your digital strategy for 2021?

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Digital signage is also a great tool in health prevention.

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