Digital signage in real estate

Digital signage in real estate:

5 strong points to exploit

Opt for digital signage in your real estate agency and increase the conversion of your prospects into customers.

Digital signage in your real estate agency: 5 strong points to exploit

Housing, renting, selling, buying a property, so many key steps. Finding the right place to live is a strong step, which engages the buyer in time. And time is needed to consult the ads in paper, digital or in the agencies’ windows and to define the essential criteria of the search. In an already busy daily newspaper, this quickly becomes, if not a chore, a time-consuming activity.

Real estate agents and advisers, this is where you come in and where “helpful” digital takes on its full meaning. Our digital signage solutions and interactive touch kiosks are your allies to accompany your prospects and offer them the property that faithfully meets their needs.

Reliable and customizable tools

French Tech companies are successfully working to develop ever more innovative solutions that can be used in all sectors of activity in order to, among other things, beautify, save time and simplify daily life.

Now, being part of modernity is good, but gaining efficiency and boosting the volume of your real estate transactions is even better.

How can you do this? With proven tools.

Adapted softwares: Neoscreen 5.0 and ImmoEx

We are the editors of Neoscreen 5.0, a fully customizable software designed to create, program and broadcast content on one or more screens. Discover Neoscreen.

Neoscreen 5.0 comes in a version for real estate, called ImmoEx.

ImmoEx allows you to install gateways with many real estate ad software and to manage all your ads 7 days a week, in a clear and professional way, simultaneously.

Easy to use, you update properties with a single click and meet the expectations of your prospects.

An engaging visual communication

Digital signage combines the excellence of innovation with the power of the communication tool.

Simple, locatable, beautiful and reliable – The screens energize your shop windows and attract the attention of passers-by, who are none other than potential prospects.

Guarantors of your image, they highlight your products and your professionalism.

It’s up to you to play the seduction card with enhanced real estate and quality content, making prospects want to walk through the door, get information and entrust you with their project.

Increasingly affordable solutions

Customer satisfaction comes at a price. That of bringing you the technical means to save time and money by improving your visibility and daily productivity.

We are committed to offering solutions at a quality/price ratio that is satisfactory for both parties.

Personalized assistance

Iagona products are made in France and meet CE standards. To date, more than 24,000 solutions (dynamic displays and interactive kiosks) have been deployed. We provide installation and maintenance and have a dedicated team of more than 400 technicians ready to intervene at your point of sale.

  • Interfacing with your management software by our developers
  • Own delivery, commissioning and training service
  • Embedded software for remote maintenance
  • Hotline based in France and expert technicians
  • Repair shop for hardware maintenance

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