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Informing citizens:

The missions of the mayor and the commune have been extended by decentralization since 2003, the mayor is the representative of the State in the commune but also civil registrar and judicial police officer. These responsibilities include providing access to legal information to its citizens.

The texts are traditionally recorded in written form and the evolution of the law quickly renders them obsolete. In addition, the town hall must report to its citizens on the decisions ratified during town councils. All of these texts must be available in self-service and up to date for easy consultation.

Nowadays, self-service digital devices fulfil these missions. It should be noted that legal posting in the town hall is mandatory. It is not possible to consider that the information is available on the Internet to get rid of it.

Offering a digital desk with a document portal is the most suitable solution for displaying legal information to citizens in real time. A document portal is an intuitive application giving access to thematic sections: city councils, public consultations, administrative decrees, etc.

In order to increase the population’s participation in the life of the municipality, it is also possible to add an application on the digital desk to express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction, to ask questions to the mayor, to write on a digital collection of grievances or to answer surveys.
A digital desk is the ideal solution for these purposes.

Connecting with citizens:

To communicate actively in a commune is to make visible the services offered and the efforts which are made by the town halls to improve the daily life of its citizens.

People rarely go to the town hall spontaneously except to carry out administrative formalities. By installing digital signage screens, town halls are equipping themselves with a modern and interactive tool to communicate on local actions and activities. Installed in the waiting rooms of the services, digital signage screens broadcast information and make waiting more pleasant.

The screens can also be connected to a reception management system via the distribution of tickets on the terminal. The number called is displayed on the screen without interrupting the flow of the broadcast.
Digital signage screens contribute to the digitalization of your town hall and are essential tools to communicate about the city, create links, optimize the care and improve the perception of your citizens, whatever their age.

Offer self-service services:

The digitization of the town hall will improve the services offered to citizens because it will allow the management of large flows of visitors, it will allow increased availability over extended hours without increasing the number of agents on duty.

Offering self-service digital payment kiosks is an ideal solution for dealing with repetitive requests without any real need for human presence. The digital terminals will relieve the municipal agents and allow them to concentrate on more time-consuming requests or those that require legal control, such as in the civil registry services.

The interfaces of the digital terminals can accommodate all kinds of applications: registering and paying for a municipal exit, buying tax stamps, reloading a canteen card or paying for extracurricular activities… There is no limit to the simplification of the citizen’s journey when using digital technology. Satisfaction is rapid because the service is no longer dependent on the opening of services.

Promote the activities of the municipality:

Improving the quality of life of its citizens is a real challenge for all municipalities. It is possible to make the daily life of inhabitants or tourists more pleasant as long as communication is fluid and dynamic.

The outdoor digital totems allow real-time communication whether you have to communicate on the cultural calendar or on the tourist attraction of your city. The tactile totems will be able to provide additional information such as broadcasting images or engaging videos, publishing timetables, listing accesses on a dynamic map or transport schedules.

The life of the city will be highlighted and information will be more accessible. Digital signage enables communication in several languages, and displays continuous information on news, weather, pollution, traffic, transportation, etc.

You will therefore be able to reduce costs because by adopting digital signage you will leave a smaller footprint on the environment because you don’t use paper. The power consumption of outdoor totems meets very strict standards on the diffusion of light in urban areas or power consumption.

By choosing outdoor digital signage you improve your communication and make a gesture for the environment.

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