Campus Contern

Campus Contern is an 18,000 m² office complex available for rent and a multifunctional space tailored to the latest environmental standards to meet the needs of companies.

It is located near the city and airport of Luxembourg and has six modern buildings (Colibri, Alouette, Epervier, Damier, Bouvreuil and Goéland).


The appeal of digital signage for Campus Contern was being able to communicate effectively and provide information about all the available services offered in its various buildings.

The company was looking for a signage solution to help occupants and visitors find their way around the complex.

Digital signage was also a solution which could meet the latest environmental standards by stopping the use and disposal of paper for each new communication. It also saves service providers having to travel, countering the rise in CO2 emissions.

The solutions provided

Campus Contern chose the Neoscreen digital signage solution because of its efficiency in displaying content on multiple screens and its ease of use.

Iagona provided training to Campus Contern staff so that they could become independent and proficient users of the software.

Today, the establishment offers its tenants and visitors signage tools to help them find companies renting the site.

A total of 61 screens have been installed in the complex. A further 59 screens ranging from 10 inches to 55 inches, including some touch screens, have been installed in the six buildings, car park and outdoor esplanade. Information is therefore accessible and visible to all employees.

In addition, digital signage creates proximity with the tenants by means of personalised messages. This means the company is always in contact with the residents and integrates them into the company.

Digital signage provides real added value for visitors and employees. It modernises buildings.

Mme Ducommun
Marketing Manager at Campus Contern