Carpentras Town Hall

The town of Carpentras is in Vaucluse, in the South of France in the Côte d’Azur region.

It is 25 km from Avignon and is known for some of its listed monuments.
The town has a town hall, a tourist information office, and a municipal media library, which it wants to digitise. The town is also equipped with a CCTV system and the police force with digital radios.


Eric Olive, IT manager of Carpentras, wanted to improve external communication by installing digital signage. The town wanted citizens to be receive information in a simpler and more efficient way. It also wanted to digitise its schools and media library to make them more modern, help the youngest at school and diversify and increase access to culture for locals. Finally, it wanted to facilitate communication between the police force with their digital radios. Carpentras also wanted to simplify the processing of data from the Urban Supervision Centre (CSU) and make it more secure. The town wanted to manage this programme and its various systems using the same software, and a single platform.

The solutions provided

Eric and Carpentras therefore chose to adopt various solutions proposed by Iagona. Firstly, they opted for the installation of digital signage screens in the town hall and the tourist office.
Iagona also installed outdoor totems to help the town with its external communication. Screens were also installed inside the town hall and the tourist office. Thanks to the “Maville facile” portal, citizens can manage their administration more quickly and easily.
Digital displays and software have also been provided for the municipal police, transforming the way in which the CSU processes information. The Carpentras media library has also been fitted out with digital equipment to make it more attractive.

Our digital signage system solution is an integral part of our community’s digital innovation.

a pioneer in digital technology in Carpentras, and the brains behind the town’s digitisation project.