Metropolis of Strasbourg

With 2,000 years of history and trade, Strasbourg is the largest and most populous city in Alsace. It has over 500,000 inhabitants spread over 33 different communes. As the capital of Europe, it hosts the European Court of Human Rights, the Council of Europe, and the European Parliament.

The Strasbourg metropolis is in step with the times, with increasing digitisation and development every day. Many foreign companies are based here. Eighty per cent of the European market is concentrated within a 500 km radius of Strasbourg.


To help its citizens and boost its appeal, the metropolitan area of Strasbourg wanted to highlight a single cross-functional solution that would allow it to manage the metropolis’s communication.

The city wanted to equip mainly the sports venues, i.e. the Kibitzenau swimming pool and the city’s ice rink. Installing communication tools in these places would make it possible to inform visitors and locals of activities, opening and closing times, works and changes in the premises.

But the city was also looking for a new means of internal communication for its administrative centre and for the IT management head office. This would facilitate the exchange of information between employees.

The solutions provided

The metropolis commissioned Iagona to install digital signage. The city programmed all its digital signage screens with Neoscreen software, enabling the broadcast content to be managed.

There are eight screens in the municipal swimming pool, including two LED panels for monitoring the pools. The screens display information such as prices, visitor numbers and water temperature.

There are two screens in the rink. The first one is at the reception desk, and the second one is available in the skate store where practical information is displayed.

Six screens were installed at the reception of the administrative office where general information is disseminated.

The city now has full control over the content it distributes. Thanks to Neoscreen, information can be made more dynamic and tools centralised across multiple departments.

The Neoscreen software is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing us to distribute our choice of content easily.

Patrick STOLL
Directorate for population, elections and religious services DPEC / Information and communication systems