Petit Bateau

Petit Bateau, a cult brand of underwear and clothing for children and adults, is recognised for its know-how dating back 120 years. The company was founded in the commune of Troyes in 1893, and today it also has an international presence with over 3,000 employees. Petit Bateau has an administrative site in Paris, a production site, and a distribution site in Troyes as well as a production site in Marrakech.


The appeal of digital signage for Petit Bateau is being able to share accessible content at any time with all its departments from the head office, but more particularly being able to provide employees working on at the production and logistics sites with information remotely. The company’s objective was to have a global and harmonised communication on all sites.

The premises in Frankfurt, Brussels, Milan, and Marrakech have already been equipped, as were those in Barcelona, London, and Tokyo in 2018. Petit Bateau also wants to increase its remote communication with its customers thanks to screens installed in its stores.

The solutions provided

Petit Bateau therefore chose to deploy Neoscreen software owing to its multiple features and ease of creating and scheduling messages and multimedia content and broadcasting them quickly to a network of screens. The ability to broadcast live social media to its screens was a key factor in Petit Bateau’s decision to use Neoscreen.

To promote information sharing, Petit Bateau wanted to install five screens in the various departments in Paris, and eight others on the production and logistics sites in Troyes.
The company also chose to equip the offices in Brussels, Milan, and Frankfurt with a screen, along with five other digital screens in Marrakech, to facilitate remote communication.

In parallel to this corporate project, screens were also installed in the first shop in Paris in 2017, before equipping other points of sale in 2018.

The advantage of Neoscreen is that information is easily accessible on both our sites. This also avoids flooding employees’ inboxes with repeat newsletters.

Internal communication & CSR project manager