Le Quai Steffen

Frank Steffen, a trained master butcher, founded Maison Steffen in the Luxembourg commune of Steinfort.

HIS AMBITION: to meet culinary needs and make customers happy with local, healthy, tasty products of impeccable quality.

Following a successful tender in 2018, the Steffen Group took over the station buffet and launched its restaurant which combines table service and takeaway meals. On 22 November 2018, Le Quai Steffen welcomed its first customers to a takeaway restaurant, which was soon followed by the opening of the adjoining restaurant of the same name.


After opening of his restaurant in Luxembourg Railway Station, Le Quai Steffen wanted to digitise its point of sale to improve the customer experience. Indeed, located in Luxembourg’s train station, it is a very attractive and competitive area where consumers are often in a hurry.

The restaurant’s aim was to improve internal communication through digital signage to enable customers to view all products and menus to save time.

The solutions provided

To meet their needs, Le Quai Steffen appointed Iagona to install digital signage in the ordering area. The restaurant chose to use Neoscreen software, as they liked the simplicity, reliability, ease of use and ease of modification of the visuals. Within the restaurant, five 42-inch screens were installed in the ordering area.

Placed high up, the screens are visible to everyone, so customers can see all the products the company offers and save time.
In addition, a 43-inch indoor totem was installed in the restaurant to communicate with customers more effectively.

Thank you for you and your team’s responsiveness in coming to our rescue whenever we have needed it so far.

Véronique BLUM,
Head of Communications, Steffen Group