How to choose a good digital signage provider?

Digital media players are legion on the market, but not all of them offer a service at the top of your requirements. Tips to make the right choice.

As the saying goes, everyone is looking out for him/herself. To find the best digital signage provider, the customer’s request will be a key factor, because each need is unique. Nevertheless, a few criteria can make the difference.

Anticipates the needs of its customers

For the installation of dynamic screens, it is important to anticipate the customer’s problems. A good service provider will make you a tailor-made offer and will be able to advise you on where to install the screens.

This is why it is important that your service provider understands your objectives in order to propose the solutions best suited to your expectations. Support and advice must, therefore, be provided at each stage of your project.

Must always be attentive to the customer’s needs

Among the plethora of features that digital signage providers can offer, some of them may need to evolve to keep up with the times. A good installer will propose scalable applications or software, which take into account the customer’s requests.

When you suggest an improvement, what does your digital signage provider do? Does he write them down to bring the information up or does he try to justify himself? Iagona takes all requests into account, because the first source of inspiration is the customer.

Knows how to refer to the right software

In order to deliver the best solution, the supplier must be able to advise and guide you in the choice of the application best suited to your needs. Thus, it is up to him to offer you a wide range of software that gives you access to the latest functionalities. Cube offers solutions adapted to each sector of activity: MenuEx for restaurants, PriceEx for the hotel industry or ImmoEx for real estate agencies. You can find all the business sectors and solutions here.

A digital signage project is composed of software and hardware parts, closely related and inseparable. It is necessary to make sure that your future service provider masters these two essential elements for the success of your project. It is also and especially necessary that he is able to ensure the installation of the hardware as well as the good functioning of the software through a maintenance service and a reactive and available after-sales service.

Is able of deploying everywhere

The essential criterion is that the provider’s deployment capacity must be as broad as possible. It must be able to carry out an installation for freelancers, for different national and international brand networks, on specific sites, etc. The Neoscreen software, for example, allows the deployment of content anywhere in France and around the world, from a simple web browser.

For these and other reasons, it is important to choose your supplier carefully and understand that a long-term relationship begins. Don’t hesitate to take your time and analyze your needs to find the most suitable company. About this one, think of inquiring about its experience, its size, for example…

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