Sublimate your communication in EHPADs

With age, mobility diminishes and a significant proportion of older people are forced to be passive. Activities become scarcer and television becomes the main leisure activity. More than 30% of television viewers are over 60 years old in France and few programs are dedicated to this audience. Senior citizens are quite demanding in their choice of programs. They therefore pay particular attention to news and documentaries, without neglecting series and game shows.

Why digitalize Nursing Homes for the Elderly?

The challenge for an EHPAD (Elderly Dependent Housing Facility) is to bring well-being to its residents. The establishment thus proposes activities in accordance with the mobility of its residents while respecting their rhythm of life.

It is also necessary to ensure a balance between rest time, possibly including television, and activities. Nevertheless, it is necessary to be vigilant about the potential risk of residents becoming mute.

Communication is essential to capture the residents’ attention. Indeed, in the EHPADs, it is important to communicate permanently in order to avoid any risk of isolation of the person. Certain studies prove that in the geriatric environment, the place of animation and social life is crucial in the resident’s environment. Everyone agrees that it is necessary to stimulate, propose, animate…

The Neoscreen Solution

Dynamic signage solutions allow to improve the internal communication of an establishment. They are able to respond to the many concerns of the EHPAD. The screens are generally coupled with a software that will determine the distribution list of all types of media (image, video, sound …).

Iagona is the publisher of Neoscreen. An intuitive software which proposes to stage the media in a mask respecting the identity of the establishment. The creation of masks will facilitate the handling by the establishments. Thus, loading media will become child’s play.

Screens can display news, weather, the day’s activities or health messages. The display of texts can be configured so that they can be read effortlessly.

Neoscreen can manage the production of an internal television channel to give life to the establishment.

What does digital signage bring to EHPAD?

The easy handling of the Neoscreen software allows today to broadcast many messages. They can be medical, social or technical:

  • Distribute photos and videos on the social life of the establishment, cultural events, animations, and other activities.
  • Put online the animation program as well as the menus of the week.
  • Display the weather and information flow in France and abroad
  • To create atmospheres during festive periods with light background sounds
  • Scheduling the rebroadcast of reports or programs on the TV screens of the rooms through a dedicated TV channel thanks to Neoscreen
  • Create an in-house television channel, suitable for residents to broadcast scheduled news or current events
  • Limit or remove paper bulletin boards that have become obsolete
  • Integrate a signage system to orient visitors/families within the EHPAD

Thanks to our digital signage software Neoscreen, the communication, the animation of messages, the loading of videos or the planning of their broadcast is easier.

What does digital signage bring to residents?

Many features of the Neoscreen software are appreciated by the elderly, such as:

  • Residents like the weather. Even if some of them don’t go out anymore, the fact remains that the weather is an element of life and conversation that facilitates exchanges.  The national weather is also of interest because it allows residents to know the weather where their family members live.
  • Photo or video reports on internal events are an opportunity to recall pleasant moments while reassuring family and friends about the well-being in the establishment. In addition, they create a topic of conversation with the nursing staff.
  • Portraits of newcomers facilitate their integration. It is sometimes traumatic for an elderly person to arrive in an unfamiliar environment.
  • The internal TV channel brings a lot of comfort. It allows you to program the rebroadcast of reports or programs at times that are in line with the residents’ pace of life.

Digital signage is a powerful and modern communication tool used in many sectors. The dynamic communication is particularly appropriate for EHPAD because it adapts not only to the audience but also to the places where it is broadcast. Proposing digital signage in the EHPADs shows benevolence towards our seniors by providing them with a user-friendly and accessible diffusion, without effort.

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