Banque populaire

Banque Populaire installs smart safes in its branches

Automatic Cash Deposit Machines

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The challenge

To make “smart” its 170 manual deposit safes

Banque Populaire Bourgogne Franche Compté wishes to ease retailers’ minds with smarter cash deposit safes. The aim was to improve deposit traceability and provide allowing deposits in Euros, Swiss Francs as well as deposits by customers from other Banque Populaire branches.

The Iagona solution

The Cash Deposit Machine can be deployed as an upgrade to various existing safe models. Moneyline completes the installation operations and intervention in the bank secure area.

Several identification methods are available to allow cash deposit: QR code scanner, bank card reader or by entering the account number on a touch screen.

Iagona’s SCRUTIS remote supervision solution is used by BRINKS to optimise its collection rounds.

Compuself deposit, an exclusive partnership

An exclusive partnership between Brink’s France & Moneyline

The Compuself Deposit solution is the result of this partnership offering retailers the means to make cash deposits via self-service banking machines. This solution improves the customer experience thanks to :

A few examples:

  • Deposit facilities open for longer hours
  • Strengthened security (20 seconds for a deposit of 300 bank-notes)
  • Multi-mode identification by account number, bank card or QR-Code
  • Digitalization of the deposit with a mobile app to generate a QR-Code

With Compuself deposit, Brink’s can offer banks a turnkey solution, independent to financial operators, including the provision of automatic machines, technical and financial supervision, hardware and software maintenance and integration of the bank’s IT system for rapid crediting.

“After studying the solutions available on the market, we went for Moneyline’s Cash Deposit Machine solution since it answers all of our functional, technical and economic requirements.”