Hotel Lutetia

Created in 1910, Hotel Lutetia is one of the most symbolic Parisian hotels on the Left Bank. In its early days, it was the go-to hotel for big customers at the department store Le Bon Marché.

It embodied the emergence of Art Deco and was a creative hub combining art, philosophy, science, and politics. This avant-garde place was where the most innovative ideas flourished.
While it was being renovated, Hotel Lutetia wanted to offer an original customer experience combining heritage and modernity.


Hotel Lutetia decided to go digital to offer innovative services on top-of-the-range equipment to meet the expectations of both international and corporate customers.

The establishment wanted to communicate its services in a more dynamic way and make its seminar reception procedures more efficient.

Hotel Lutetia was looking for a user-friendly solution that could interface with schedules and efficiently direct customers to their meeting rooms via online screens.
In addition, digital signage would enable Hotel Lutetia to fulfil to its desire to create a more modern facility. This technology would modernise the hotel.

The solutions provided

Hotel Lutetia decided on Neoscreen, Iagona’s digital signage software, because it allowed the hotel to control its screens and create its own display content in line with its visual identity.

The hotel uses SignEx to manage its reception areas. This software suite is responsible for guiding guests in a simple and efficient way thanks to a signposting system set up in advance.

Iagona installed six digital signage screens in the building. These were strategically placed at the entrance and in the corridors leading to the lounges.

Training was provided to the hotel staff so they could master the software and operate it independently.

With the digital signage system now in place, customers can find their way around more easily, the hotel’s services are communicated more clearly, and its image has been improved.