Best-of 2020

Best-of 2020, discover our best moments!

2020 was a difficult year (you might have heard about COVID-19?) but that didn’t stop us from making unique memories, meeting great people and creating incredible projects. In short, it was an unforgettable time!
So, we decided to end 2020 on a good note.

Hold on tight, because this BEST OF 2020 is going to be emotional!

An overview of what we went through

  • A new identity: Moneyline became Iagona
  • A new website
  • Professional advice to manage COVID-19
  • New satisfied clients
  • The Iagona team grew with our new recruits
  • 1,000 LinkedIn followers reached
  • A new mascot: Diago was born
  • Creation of our Instagram account

We have one thing to say: THANK YOU

We have so much to share with you that we couldn’t possibly list it all in one article. We would like to thank those who follow us and trust us. You’re our rock!

This BEST OF is not just a summary of our adventures over the past year; it represents our commitments, achievements we’re proud of, our favourite moments and also people we met! 2021 is uncertain but we will always try to make the best of the situations we face.

Sending you prosperity, peace and success!

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