5 tips for positioning your digital signage screens

Digital signage is a very powerful communication solution, but it is still necessary to choose the right locations to reach the target audience. Here is our advice.

Beware of sun and glare

To optimize the visibility of the screens, it is essential to take in consideration the orientation of the light source, whether it is in relation to the screens or in relation to the visitors. Also, don’t forget to take into account the light variations during the day: will the screen be subjected to the same light exposure in the morning and in the afternoon? If your screen is facing a light source, you must check that reflections do not prevent good visibility and reading.

But there is also the problem of backlighting to consider. If the screen has its back to the light, the visitor could be dazzled while trying to read what is displayed.  So many details that will play on the quality of the customer’s experience with such displays..

Caution for the pressure relief zone

The first few meters of the entrance to a place are called the “pressure relief zone”. This zone is like a vacuum for visitors, who are not yet aware of what is happening around them.

There are several reasons for this: after entering, the visitor looks at his phone, closes your umbrella, takes off his sunglasses… Generally, he progresses in the environment without caring about what is around him, unless something stands in your way (a queue, for example). This is why you should avoid placing your display screens in this area.

Adapt digital signage to the target audience

Each person is different, they move, wait, park, and behave differently. It is therefore impossible to reach everyone with a single screen. For example, if you want to inform employees about the evolution and news of their company, you can place screens at the break area, near the coffee machine. For children, the screens should be placed at a lower level than for adults.

At what height should the screens be placed?

In general, people rarely consciously seek out a screen, and this is especially true in places where people are just passing by. So you need to identify the areas to which the eye will be drawn..

Our eyes are naturally drawn to eye level. The screen should not be placed too high because when we move, we look straight ahead to avoid hazards – hazards that rarely come from the sky. Conversely, a screen that is placed too low can also be overlooked, or force passers-by into an uncomfortable position.

What is your message?

The message you wish to broadcast will greatly influence the positioning of your dynamic screen. The screens broadcasting information on a specific object should be placed near it. Anything related to news, novelties, promotions of a store can be placed in the window, to make the customer want to enter.

If you want to inform your customers or employees about traffic or the current weather, then it is probably a good idea to place a screen near the exit and facing the inside of the building.

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