The challenges of digital signage at the point of sale

The digital media in point of sale can have various uses. To highlight the best products or new products, or even to broadcast various information such as social networks or news. In short, a whole range of possibilities is available to you. We will explain why you need to equip your point of sale with dynamic displays.

A range of display choices

For a few years now, points of sale have been digitalized. This has been done rapidly and dynamic displays have quickly become a means of advertising or even of providing information at the point of sale.
Of course, several types of kiosks exist which allows variable dynamic displays (inside, outside, in the window…). Thanks to all these displays you will be versatile in the communication of your point of sale.

Following an Ipsos study, we know that digital signage is the most effective display system on consumers. Indeed 75% of visitors remember a display when it is dynamic, against only 44% for a traditional display. This high percentage is due to the fact that it is a display that is more attractive and relevant but especially much less intrusive than some advertisements.

Digital: exponential growth

Given the exponential growth of internet purchases and therefore e-commerce, it is necessary for points of sale to enhance and modernize themselves. More and more people prefer to buy on the internet, so sales outlets must remedy this problem.

To do this, we must start by improving the customer experience, by favoring personalized and responsive multimedia content. The interaction of dynamic displays allows a form of customer loyalty.
These dynamic displays also allow you to collect information about your customers. Indeed by installing kiosks you can push the customer to register for a newsletter or to order products and thus collect essential information on the customer. This can help you to have a precise target and reach more people.

To summarize: Why equip your point of sale with screens?
  • Improve the attractiveness of the point of sale
  • Generate traffic
  • Provide a unique customer experience
  • Collect customer information
  • Propose personalized offers

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