Digital Signage and ROI: analyze your audience (1/4)

Alright, you have defined your target, your objectives, thelocation of your screens and your content strategy … But your work doesn’t stop there! A last essential step for the good functioning of your strategy is the follow-up of its efficiency! You need to analyze the relevance of your messages and the impact they have on your customers. The objective here is to measure the return on investment (ROI) of your displays.

Measuring the ROI of its digital signage content is very often perceived as the most difficult step for companies. On the other hand, it is one of the most important phases. It is about regularly analyzing the impact of your actions and adjusting your strategy. This is why we will give you some advice to help you measure your ROI.

Point of sale traffic

Some of your screens, placed at the entrance of the store or in the store window, are designed to attract visitors through videos, promotional offers or the presentation of your collection. To measure their attractiveness, opt for a people counter placed at the entrance of your point of sale. This allows you to analyze the flow of visitors and the attractiveness of your store.

Also compare the traffic of your customers in store before and after the installation of screens to evaluate the performance of these devices.

Audience analysis

Numerous devices can be used to integrate facial recognition into its digital signage screens. This system not only detects the presence of a person, but above all, it can determine his age, gender, the time spent in front of the screen and the emotion that your display causes in the consumer.

Just like people counter software,motion detectors and facial recognition allow you to measure the number of visitors who stop in front of your screens. In addition, these solutions allow you to customize content for targeted delivery at the right time.

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