Digital signage, the ultimate tool for real-time communication

Faced with the efficiency of digital signage, traditional signage can not make the weight. The ability to update information instantaneously, the possibilities of interaction and the modernity of the digital media are undeniable assets.

Digital signage allows you to broadcast information in the right place, to the right people, but also and most importantly, in real time. Great advantage of the system: the control of time. Indeed, it is possible to manage the lifespan of a message, by programming a broadcast schedule. In addition, the content is constantly renewable, which is essential when you want to communicate fresh information in volume.

Some options also allow you to vary the content according to very specific events: when a person approaches, for example, thanks to the presence of motion sensors. The touchscreen kiosks also allow for true interactivity with the user, who can thus obtain updated information in real time: upcoming conferences, next transport departures, availability to take an appointment, etc.

Digital media in the company

Digital signage is often used for external communication such as in stores, hospitals, train stations, restaurants … but also for internal communication of companies to keep employees or visitors informed.

Software such as Neoscreen, for example – developed, supplied and installed by Iagona – allows you to completely personalize your internal communication. Information as varied as sales results, the number of trucks available for a delivery, career developments, etc. is perfectly suited to this type of display and can be deployed in the factory, in the break room and in the company corridors.

There are many examples. In one plant, employees do not often have access to an e-mail box to receive urgent messages. Screens are then a solution to keep them informed in real time. In this way, they maintain the social link between employees and company management. In break rooms or the cafeteria, one can allow oneself to broadcast lighter information such as weather, traffic or news.

Finally, because this digital medium is connected to the Internet, it is possible to share with employees the communication actions carried out by the company, including the latest publications on social networks such as Instagram or Twitter.

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