The added value of digital signage to renew corporate contact between employees and company

Digital signage for corporate communication is a definite advantage that every company should consider. Indeed, digital screens are an effective communication solution that brings many advantages. Explanations ……

Simplify and boost internal communication!

Digital signage is a way of communication with your employees in an efficient and fast way. By placing several screens or dynamic terminals throughout your premises, you can instantly transmit all types of information!

Moreover, since your dynamic displays will be the engine of your communication, you will have a constant transmission of information, which will be completely homogeneous between the departments of your company. Even at a distance, employees of your company’s branches around the world can all have the same information!

If you have a lobby, cafeteria or other areas that require specific communications, you can use the screens to display the information you want that may not be relevant to other areas!

You can also schedule the broadcasting of messages over time! This method makes it possible to communicate with employees at night or at weekends, even when you are not in the office!

Problems communicating with your employees about meetings? Schedules? We all know the emails that don’t get through or end up in spam. By communicating via screens, you can transmit meetings or other such information live, so that no one misses them.

The Iagona solution

Digital signage in companies is therefore one of the most effective solutions for communicating with your employees. This system creates a link between you and them. Among L’affichage dynamique en entreprise est donc une solution des plus efficaces pour communiquer avec vos salariés. Ce système créer du lien entre eux et vous. Parmi the solutions that exist you can, like Petit Bateau, choose Neoscreen.

Neoscreen is an ideal solution for many reasons:

  • Many features, options and configuration possibilities
  • Remote communication
  • Targeting messages
  • Intuitive
  • Schedule messages
  • Live message broadcasting
  • Display multimedia content on a network of screens.


With Neoscreen, you can create the best communication messages for your company.

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