Digital Signage and ROI: the Call to Action to make your customers react (2/4)

In the first part, we talked about point-of-sale traffic and audience analysis. Now, let’s talk about Call to Action, the method that encourages customers and visitors to take action: purchases, interactions, satisfaction surveys… all our tips! 

The Call to Action in your content

The Call to Action is a technique to encourage a client to carry out a specific action. It is generally characterized by a button accompanied by an action verb “Enjoy 15% now”, “Participate in the contest”, etc.

Here are a few examples of Call to Action that you can integrate in digital signage:


They allow you to refer the consumer to your site, a Facebook page, a survey… In order to evaluate the number and frequency of scans, for example, think about tracking your QR codes using online tools such as Google Analytics.


An interactive kiosk is a good way to get feedback from your customers or visitors: identify the products and services that arouse the most interest.

You can also add rating stars next to each piece of content in your digital signage so that users can indicate whether or not it is useful. This will allow you to refine your programming strategy, especially if you use the Neoscreen application, which manages your dynamic displays from a simple web browser.


The goal is to encourage customers to share their photos on social networks and thus display them on a screen, called the Social Wall. In this way, you convey a certain closeness to your customers and develop your community, while encouraging them to “like” your content and subscribe to your pages.

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