Digital signage to boost events

We know the power that dynamic displays have on people. Attracting attention, entertaining, informing… So why not use all these advantages during an event, since many people are present? The impact would be even more effective and would be a real benefit for the event.

Inform visitors in a modern and efficient way!

Dynamic displays are largely used to inform people. This is especially true for an event! Many information can be shared with visitors.

It is about displaying in a very visible way practical information such as schedules, places, directions to get there, outings. The information can also have a more advanced content such as information on the providers of the event (biography, works …) or on the event itself (history, key figures …) or use it to advertise.

For example during a music festival, if you have digital signage solutions, you can display information such as the time of performance of artists, the stage on which they will perform and how to get there. More qualitative content can also be displayed such as a small biography of the artists present as well as their news.

Other information can also be displayed and very appreciated by the festival-goers like the weather. Indeed, a display of the weather can be useful for visitors to know if it will rain, and thus anticipate and adapt their program. During a music festival, a visible display of the prices of drinks or food on a screen can also be very well seen.

Create interaction with visitors!

Visitors like interaction. Just like on social networks, where we like to get a response from a page we’ve addressed, the same goes for an event.

If you interact with your visitors, they will appreciate it, talk about it and the communication will take care of itself! For example, if you use a live wall (or walls) to broadcast live what’s going on, you can film your visitors having a good time and having fun.

Under this same principle, you can use a social wall. This screen allows you to display in real time the publications that will include the hashtags and mentions you have chosen. Visitors will see their tweets, Instagram photos, Facebook publications, appear on a large screen.

The social wall encourages visitors to publish more with your hashtags in order to appear as often as possible on the screen. Fun and interactive! This will create visibility for your event on social networks.

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