Internal communication: reaching employees without e-mail access

If you thought that deploying dynamic screens on several sites was a complicated operation, the case of this well-known French brand should make you change your mind! Explanations.


Industrial companies like Petit Bateau rarely group their employees together on a single site. In the case of this fashion brand, it was necessary to deploy internal communication on the production sites and in the administrative building in Paris.

The first advantage, according to Claire Deltrieux, who is in charge of internal communication at Petit Bateau, is that “information is always available”.

Second advantage, and not the least: the content is accessible to all, even to employees who do not have a computer and therefore no access to emails!

Petit bateau deploys several types of information to its employees: internal events, the latest publications on social networks or the latest collections. Indeed, various media can be distributed: texts, videos, photos but also news feeds (RSS, social media…).

“The powerpoint of digital signage”

To deploy its content, Petit Bateau uses Neoscreen, a digital signage software published by Cube Digital Media (internal link: product sheet) and accessible from any Internet browser. It is possible to create, plan and broadcast content on one or more screens, wherever they are in the world.

Like a program director, Claire Deltrieux can thus choose the broadcasting timing to ensure that the right messages are visible to the right people at the right time: “the goal is to get the information across the company and for everyone to have easy access to it,” she says.

The software is simple and intuitive: “it looks like an enhanced powerpoint,” Claire Deltrieux further explains, “and only requires a few quick training sessions before it can be used. “

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