Remobilize the company’s employees thanks to digital signage

Remobilizing a company’s employees and improving their working environment are among the priorities of the Human Resources Department. Indeed, a happy employee is a loyal employee. And digital signage has a role to play in this objective! Explanations…

Simplify and energize internal communication!

Digital signage is a way to communicate effectively with your employees. By placing several screens or dynamic terminals in your premises, you can instantly transmit all types of information! Even better, this content can be deployed anywhere in the world, especially if your company has subsidiaries abroad.

Thanks to the ability to create content schedules, you can schedule broadcasting periods at staggered times, such as evenings and weekends. This is very useful for keeping in touch with on-call employees, even when you’re out of the office!

Important meetings or appointments are often indicated by email. Problem: mailboxes are saturated and employees don’t always pay the attention they should. Thanks to the digital screens, you can program reminders in strategic places of the company: cafeteria, near the coffee machine, in front of the entrance of the meeting rooms…

Digital signage, a true digital media, is also very useful to communicate about the benefits on a daily basis: FT offers, facilities granted to employees, afterwork events, etc. No more need for an internal newsletter… the information is accessible anywhere and at any time in the company!

How to implement digital signage in companies?

Among the solutions that exist, you can, like the brand Petit Bateau, choose Neoscreen. It is a very simple online application that allows you to manage all the screens of your company. Intuitive, the application allows you to program informative messages, to connect the social networks of the company, to target the contents according to the categories of employees …

The principle is simple: identify the photo, video and text content to be deployed and compose your programming. Indicate on which screens to display the playlist you have created and you’re done!

Thanks to Neoscreen you can create better communication messages for your company.

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