Why integrate digital signage in your marketing strategy?

In an ultra-connected world, the digitalization of points of sale has become a must. It allows to establish a real marketing strategy. Thus, digital signage has become an indispensable tool to improve the brand image, attract new prospects, transmit information to customers but also to stimulate purchase.

Digital signage can intervene throughout the customer journey. Thus, while the outdoor screens will attract his attention, the indoor screens will guide him in his choices or offer him complementary or higher range products (cross-selling, up-selling).

From Promotional Communication to Brand Experience

Digital signage is the ideal way to transmit promotional offers and rates, which can be updated in real time. During events such as Black Friday, sales or the Christmas shopping season, they will attract the consumer’s attention and encourage impulse buying.

Even better, digital signage can convey the values and foundations of a brand… or even help build a true brand identity. We talk about “brand dramatization” using digital media: videos, animations, interactivity, photo galleries, real-time information… the possibilities are so numerous that they will seem infinite!

Interactive digital signage

While a poster or a paper poster remains hopelessly static, digital signage takes over thanks to interactivity.

Digital signage software such asNeoscreen V5 allows you to create your own personalized digital signage content.. In addition, the interactive version of Neoscreen is designed to establish a true customer relationship. This translates, for example, into the possibility of consulting the catalog – whose products and prices are updated in real time.

Digital kiosks

Many other possibilities are offered by interactive kiosks: depending on their location, they can guide the customer through a shopping mall or facilitate checkout, thanks to a payment module. They also represent a real customer loyalty solution: for example, they can send the user a promotional code to be flashed on his smartphone.

Improve customer relations

Customer loyalty also depends on customer satisfaction. Interactive kiosks are ideal for collecting opinions and allowing you to analyze flows and quickly establish trends. Located close to checkouts or exits, they will be able to question customers about their experience in the store and collect any requests. Quick and easy to set up, interactive kiosks allow retailers to redefine their pricing, product or customer reception strategy based on the analyzed data.

Of course, this type of interactivity can be implemented in many other fields: banks, administrations, amusement parks…

According to a study by Research and Markets, the digital signage market is growing at an annual rate of 7.9%. However, figures from the Smart Retail study, conducted by Samsung in 2016, indicate that while 60% of outlets are equipped with a screen, only 18% of these stores use digital signage. Proof that there is still a lot to be done in terms of digital marketing in retail!

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