Moneyline presents its healthcare offer at the 2018 HIT

A synergy of expertise to phygitalise your patient experiences

Paris Healthcare Week

The HIT trade-show is the chance for 20,000 visitors to meet 350 exhibitors specialised in healthcare service digital transformations.

It will present the various ways in which technology can improve the quality of patient care and the working experience of healthcare professionals in order to build the healthcare system of tomorrow.

Moneyline and its partners :
Qmatic, Tecsante and Mapwize, propose a synergy of expertise on a single digital terminal.

An Alliance for

  • The optimisation and simplification of the patient experience.
  • The improvement of patient admission and care conditions.
  • Decreasing waiting times through social security card identification and coverage updates.
  • Personalised patient care before, during and after consultations.
  • The systematisation of payments to reduce unpaid bills.
  • The increase of service productivity through the use of the terminal to automate low value tasks.


Moneyline proposes the “MK Evo” an intuitive and innovative digital terminal integrating payment and social security card update modules.

A terminal which can even communicate with all of the existing patient/client environments and integrate new applications.

Moneyline does not only offer intuitive and innovative terminal allowing employees and patients to speed processes but our product eases patient’s journey during their medical consultation.


Qmatic supports healthcare establishments with its “Orchestra” solution which improves patient admissions and offers a more pleasant and less stressful patient experience.

Qmatic provides the means to inter-relate the digital and physical environments, allowing patients to make medical appointments either on-line or via a mobile phone app. It makes patient reception easier through an interactive terminal for the identification and processing of patients.


Mapwise is a mapping solution for building interiors which can guide patients and visitors around the hospital

The Mapwize platform makes it easier to import building layout plans and then integrate specific hospital location points. These interactive maps can be integrated into Web applications, mobile phone applications or free-standing terminals to make the user experience easier and provide them with the specific information they need.


Tecsanté proposes a software solution for healthcare establishments. On self-service digital terminals the “Tecsanté” software interfaces with the HIS and its partner solutions (portal, appointments, waiting line management and localisation).

It manages access to various peripheral devices, notably the multi-purpose automatic terminal for social security and payment card functions.

Tecsanté supports the establishments in the customised implementation of its multi-purpose terminal project by integrating multi-channel payments and digital communications into the patient experience.

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